Waldenwoods Love Celebration with the Keller and Kus Families

My massage therapist and I had been discussing her daughter's wedding for months before I told her I was a wedding coordinator, and I let her know if she needed anything I was available to her.  As the big day approached she invited me to meet the Bride to Be, her daughter Jillian, and during our meeting, we all agreed that I'd be their Day of Coordinator.  I was elated.

Every wedding has a special place in my heart, and the Keller/Kus wedding was no exception.  Their wedding and reception venue was absolutely spectacular.  Located in Howell, Michigan the Waldenwoods Resort and Conference Center is truly a "hidden gem"  (  nestled behind a fully wooded area that boasts two unique outdoor, wedding ceremony sites and two indoor edifices for receptions.  The background for both sites is a picturesque lakefront.

What was truly "special" about the Keller/Kus (#BecomingaKus)Wedding Day was that the typical, unpredictable #Michigan weathe…

I'm in LOVE

If you've been on any social media networks, I'm sure you, just like me, were inundated with all the fashions of #FashionWeek.  Well, that included all the new bridal fashions by #Amsale, #MoniqueHuiller, etc... As engagement season approaches, although it seems like engagement season is ALL year, I've seen the MOST creative marriage proposals, and as the summer wedding season drew to an end, I witnessed in person, in #MunaluchiBride magazine, some of the most elegant and unique decor in my life.  I've been and surrounded by a multitude of love expressions, and I'm IN LOVE with all of them.

So, if you're looking for some inspiration - engagement, decor, bridal fashions, here are some of my favorites as this 10th month of #2018 begins, and I'm sure there's much more to come before the year is over:

1.  Check out the Instagram account @howheasked? Amazing #wedding #proposals, some done in spite of life's dire circumstances but full of #love, #tears, …

Wedding Insights from an English Educator

Recently, I sat at a table of 7 English Literature essay "Readers," as we're referred to, and one "Table Reader."  Out of the 7 Readers, 3 were "seasoned" readers having been a reader for the past 7-8 years. 

What does all this have to do with my passion of being a Wedding and Event Coordinator?  I'm glad you asked...

First, we ALL had to work under the leadership of our Table Leader.  He was the one responsible for making sure we were on track, that we were marking our score sheets accurately, and ensuring our mental stability.  I view my role as a #WeddingCoordinator or #TheDirectHer the same:  I make sure everyone is where they should be, everyone is completing his/her task, and I make sure everyone knows what his/her task is to avoid any confusion.  You MUST have a coordinator who is "seasoned" and knows how to handle numerous individuals at the same time!

Second, we were a TEAM.  We were physically and mentally in tune with each oth…

How Meghan Markle epitomizes the Encore Bride

En·core = a repeated performance...
Over 29 million people tuned into last Saturday's #RoyalWedding of #PrinceHarry and American actress #MeghanMarkle.  There has been much chatter, critique and comments on everything from the attire to the first dance song, but what's most striking is the iconic way #MeghanMarkle epitomizes the Encore Bride, or the woman who chooses to marry again, and what a celebration it was!

Here are the top ways #MeghanMarkle is the model #EncoreBride:

1) Many have talked about her #WeddingDress:  "I was expecting something else...", "I thought it was a little plain..."  "It wasn't what I expected..." "It had nothing on Kate's [Kate Middleton]!" EXACTLY!  An Encore Bride can wear whatever she wants.  The pressure of the "first" isn't there... and for someone who's about to become royalty, there are NO limits.

2) The #BridalProcession made the media daily up to the day before the #Wedding. …

Are you an Encore Bride?

How do you know you're an Encore Bride?  Emily Post's Wedding Etiquettefirst published the term "encore wedding" in its 6th edition published in 2014.  When I first heard the term, I immediately thought about being at a Broadway musical; one of those performances you never want it end, and when it does, you want more.  "Encore, Encore..."  Well, there it is...
An Encore Bride is one that never wants love to end...she's going to keep at it until it's everlasting.  Sounds optimistic ...sounds unrealistic...sounds unimaginable, but honestly it's the TRUTH!

So, how do you know if you're an Encore Bride?  Let me count the ways:
1.  You had a fabulous first wedding and marriage, but it didn't last.  The wedding was more important than the person you married.  Realizing that you have more wisdom since then, and you know wedding fashion isn't the priority, it's time to get it right with your new love. You're an Encore Bride.

2.  You'…

Step-by-Step Instructions to The One

Let's begin with the definition of "The One"...

There isn't one.

So, how can there be "step-by-step instructions" if there isn't one?


Here you go:

1.  Remove preconceived notions that you're going to find The One.

2.  Be open-minded that The One you have in mind (step #1) may not be The One you choose.

3.  Repeat steps #1 and #2.

Seems like pretty broad instructions, doesn't it?  Let me explain...

We as people spend a lot of time daydreaming, thinking and contemplating, wishing about The One - that person, that dress, that outfit, the Big Day, but think about it, in all your thinking and visioning, did you find The One? or did The One just suddenly appear from all that mind pressure?

Here's a scenario:

Pinterest is great.  It has a plethora of pictures and quotes that users save in various albums.  Most #Brides, who use Pinterest, have an album of wedding dresses, attire and accessories they envision wearing on their #WeddingDay.  Ho…

from Heartbreak to Hope

From Heartbreak to Hope!  Sounds cliche-ish, doesn't it?  Or sounds like a typical "whoa is me" post...Maybe.  Maybe not.

Who decides at 40+ to get married, plan a destination wedding, change residential address, and then end up heartbroken?  Not someone who has been directing weddings for over 20 years, not someone who specializes in ensuring Brides and Grooms have memorable wedding days, not someone who's actively involved in church, and loves the Lord with all her heart and soul...yes, that someone was Me!

No one plans to fail, well maybe some people, but most people don't plan things and expect them NOT to happen. When this happened to me, I promised the Lord I would never stray away from His plan for my life. When I committed to the aforementioned relationship, THE one that I had been praying for, I stopped praying because I knew the Lord had answered my prayers. Then, I stopped listening because I got caught up in the excitement, the "love" and th…